Total Package Service Delivery

Our Total Package Service Delivery (TPSD) has been developed by us to be a high standards benchmark for us to live up to with our customers. The TPSD model is as follows:

The product you have been offered must be relevant to your needs and calling patterns. Our Business Communications Specialists (BCS’s) will ensure that our products are matched to your business needs. If you are not sure whether a particular phone plan will suit your business, our BCS’s are available every Monday to Friday and can be contacted between 8.30am – 7pm.

Service at NBT is about attitude, dedication, and teamwork. Our Guarantee to our Customers is that we will be at your service (i.e. a real person will talk to you) in *less than 99 SECONDS of you waiting on hold, from the time you dialled our number. To experience the difference, try calling another well-known phone provider and time the call.

Call us from 8.30am anytime up to 7pm on Monday through Friday and our customer care specialists will be ready to take your call.

We will provide optimal value to our customers via our exceptional value plans and bundle plans. Due to our large buying power, we can compete with virtually any plan in the market. Find a cheaper comparative plan to your plan with NBT, and we will beat it plus you will *receive a $20 credit on your next bill.

Quality Assurance
At NBT we have strict controls over our quality management processes, starting at Point of Sale. Our Agents are fully trained in making sure you have received all the information related to your plan, you completely understand the terms of the plan you agreed to, and your account is monitored monthly by a Business Communication Specialist. You may be contacted in the first week of joining NBT, as well as when you receive your first bill with us. We also conduct regular surveys and may contact you to see how you are finding our service compared to other service providers you use.

Contact us on 1300 788 029 today to discuss how TPSD can benefit your business.

* Terms and conditions apply