Is Next Business Telecom a part of Telstra?

Next Business Telecom is not a part of Telstra or any other carrier, however our fixed phone and data services are delivered using wholesale services provided by Telstra.

Next Business Telecom, specialises in finding and offering the best possible deal for your individual needs. In a majority of circumstances, there are no physical changes to your line, nor is there a need to change your number, you will simply receive and pay your invoices from Next Business Telecom instead of your previous provider.

Why is my first bill more expensive than what I was quoted?

Your first bill will be higher than usual as upon activation of your Fixed Line or ADSL service with Next Business Telecom, there will be a pro-rata charge of the monthly fee covering the period from your sale up to the invoice date, plus the next month’s plan fee which is charged in advance.

For example: If you activate the service on the 10th December you will be charged 21 days’ worth of access fees (pro rata) for the month of December and a monthly charge from 1st January (one month advance).

In this example the following charges will be included:

Pro-rata monthly plan charge for 10 Dec – 31 Dec
Monthly plan charge for the current month 1 Jan – 31 Jan
If this is not your first bill, please contact the customer care team on 1300 788 029. Alternatively, you can submit your query online and someone from our team will contact you in the next business day.

Why am I still receiving bills from my previous provider?

There can be a number of reasons this may occur, the most common being that once a switch to Next Business Telecom has occurred your previous provider will generate a final bill based on the number of days your were with them prior to the transfer. Make sure you check the dates you have been billed for, if the days overlap your best option is to give us a call to confirm the date your transfer completed.

Another common reason for receiving bills from your previous provider is that you have transferred your phone service to Next Business Telecom and not your internet service. If this is the case give Next Business Telecom a call to arrange for a transfer of your internet service, we have a range of excellent unlimited data internet plans you can bundle with your phone service.

If you are still receiving bills from a previous provider which is not covered by the above circumstances give us a call and we will help you to further investigate.

How often will I receive my bill?

Your bill will be issued on a monthly basis, the dates you have been billed for will be displayed on your bill.

Can I choose how I get my bill?

Yes. Next Business Telecom encourages customers to receive their bills easily and conveniently via email. However should you wish to receive bills via post this can be arranged also, there is a small $2.95 monthly fee of to provide bills via post.

You can also check your bills online including unbilled usage charges that you can access before your next bill even generates.

Can I manage my account online?

To make managing your services as easy as possible, and reduce the need to waste your time calling us. Next Business Telecom has an online account area. This is called MyBill ( In this area you can manage many aspects of your account with Next Business Telecom. This includes:

View your current bill
Review your account history and previous bills
Check any current unbilled charges
Change your personal details including contact details
Check previous payments
Update your payment details or set up a direct debit from a credit card
Pay a bill
Review and monitor your past usage
Send an online enquiry
To set up access to this handy feature please call customer service.

I want to change my phone plan, how can I do this?

By calling our customer care team on 1300 788 029. Alternatively, you can submit your query online and someone from our team will contact you in the next business day.

How do I request a new phone feature?

If you would like to request that an additional phone feature to be added to your phone service, please need to call our customer care team on 1300 788 029 with your Next Business Telecom account details and acceptance of any recurring charges this might generate.

Why am I being charged for MessageBank and Silent Number?

When Next Business Telecom transfers your service from your previous provider we take over all the options that had been nominated with your previous provider. Some phone providers include charges for certain features such as MessageBank and Silent Number into their plan fees. Next Business Telecom aims to provide you with the best value plan possible, hence we cannot include these items into our plan fees, however it does also mean you don’t have to pay for something you don’t require. If you would like to make any changes to these features please call our Customer Care Team on 1300 788 029.

What is the handset rental fee on my monthly bill?

If you have a phone service with Telstra, you may have rented a handset from them. When you transferred to Next Business Telecom, the handset rental charges started appearing on your Next Business Telecom invoice instead, but these fees are still collected by Telstra.

If you no longer have a handset from Telstra or would like instructions on how to have this charge removed please call us on 1300 788 029.

What are my options to make payment?

At Next Business Telecom we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to stay on top of your bills.

That is why our preferred payment method is direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card. This doesn’t suit everyone so we have a range of other methods you can choose from;

One off Credit Card Payments

Please call NBT on 1300 788 029 to pay your bill by Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard. A payment processing fee applies to all credit card payments currently 1.8% on Visa and MasterCard and 4% on American Express and Diners Club Cards.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

When paying by EFT, please include your NBT account number as the reference.

Bank: National Australia Bank

BSB: 082 778

Account: 89636 4666

Name: Next Business Telecom


The details for making BPAY payment will be on your most recent bill. If you are not sure of the reference number and biller code to use please give us a call.

If you have any further questions about our payment options please call us on 1300 788 029.

I want to activate direct debit?

Simply download the Direct Debit form below, complete and return to the Next Business Telecom team by any of the following methods:

Direct Debit Form

Fax: 1300 785 041


Post: GPO BOX 774, Melbourne VIC 3000

Please note that the account balance will be debited on the due date.

What is a Non-Preselection Fee and why am I being charged it?

A Non-Preselection fee is charged if you have chosen to have your long distance calls managed by another provider. If you are billed by another provider for long distance calls you will see this fee charged on your Next Business Telecom invoices. If you believe that your long distance calls should be billed by Next Business Telecom give us a call and we will have it fixed up for you.

What is the setup fee and why have I been charged it?

If you have set up an internet service with us you will be charged a $99 set up fee. This cost covers the provisioning of the line, and associated costs related to the modem, the modem pre-configuration and the postage and handling.

What modem is supplied to me?

The current model of modem supplied by Next Business Telecom is the NetComm ADSL2+ Wireless N300 Modem Router – NB604N.

Detailed product information for this modem is available here

Is the modem supplied by Next Business Telecom covered by any warranty?

Any equipment supplied by Next Business Telecom is covered by a standard one (1) year warranty as per our Warranty Policy found here.

NetComm also provides extended warranties for certain products. Please review their website for further information.

Why have I been charged a late payment fee?

A late payment fee of $22 is charged to your next invoice if you have not made full payment of your account by the due date. Please ensure you allow at least 3 business days for payments made via credit card or direct deposit. The easiest way to ensure payment is made on time is to pay via direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card, if you need assistance to set this up give our Customer Service team a call.

How do I choose the right plan for my needs?

Next Business Telecom is committed to meeting the changing needs of your business or personal phone and internet plans. You can always chat with one of our consultants to help determine what plan is best for your needs.

What are Next Business Telecoms rates for international calls?

A comprehensive list of the international charges can be located here.

What if I move to a new premise?

In most cases if you’re moving to a new premise with the same area code, you can keep the same phone number.

The easiest way to initiate a relocation is to call Next Business Telecom and a relocation form will provided to you. You will also be advised of the costs associated. Otherwise you can complete the form here. Once you’ve completed and returned this form to us a dedicated Next Business Telecom specialist will be assigned to your move. They will then call you to:

Confirm dates and times
Discuss installation options and charges

What is Connect Outstanding?

Connect Outstanding occurs when you attempt to get a Home Phone or any kind of broadband service connected at a property, but there is already an active landline phone service (that is not owned by you) at that address. It may occur when:

You move into a rental or recently purchased property where the previous tenant/owner did not cancel or relocate their phone service.
Your application was lodged and the cancellation or relocation order for the previous tenant/owner’s phone service has not yet completed.
Will a Connect Outstanding delay my connection?

The service must be removed from your phone line, but because you are not the legal lessee of the active phone service, you don’t have the authority to cancel or relocate it without proving that you’re the new occupant of the property. The delay is due to the time spent getting the phone service removed from the line in a legal manner.
What do I need to do if my connection is affected by a Connect Outstanding?

If we contact you to advise you that your connection status has gone into Connect Outstanding, there are several steps that need to be taken to get the service connected in your name the first step is to attempt to get the service removed from the line.

How can I get the phone service removed from the line?

Contact your landlord or real estate agent for help getting in touch with the previous tenant or owner.
The previous tenant or owner will have the authority to cancel or relocate the service, or they may be able to confirm that they have already arranged this and the phone line should be free in a few working days.
If you’re unable to contact the previous tenant or owner, you’ll need to supply us with Proof of Occupancy documents
If you are unable to contact the previous lessee of the line the next step will be to provide proof of occupancy.

Which documents can I use for Proof of Occupancy?

Proof of Occupancy documents must show your name and address. You may supply any of the following documents via email attachment or fax:

-Lease or tenancy agreement

-Title deed

-Utility bill

-Letter from the real estate agent (must be on a letterhead)

-Statutory declaration

How long will it take to remove the phone service after I supply my documents?

Once we have sent your Proof of Occupancy documents to the provider of the phone service, we must allow that provider 2 business days to attempt to contact their customer. If they have no response on the third business day, then they must cancel the phone service at the address.

From that point onwards, the usual timeframes for your service connection (or relocation) apply.

What if I close my business down?

You will have two options. If the new owner/s have the intention to keep the same service number/s with Next Business Telecom, you simply need to complete the Change of Ownership form and return to:

Change of Ownership Form

Fax: 1300 785 041


Post: GPO BOX 774, Melbourne VIC 3000

If the new owner/s does not have the intention to keep the same phone number you need to send us a disconnection request in writing or the charges will continue to be billed in your name. Please note if you are still in a contract with Next Business Telecom, early termination fees will be applied.

How do I change my details on my account?

You can log into your ‘My Bill’ account online and apply the required changes. Alternatively, you can contact our customer care team on 1300 788 029 or submit a query online.

How can I control the cost of my bills?

There are a number of options for you to help manage how much you spend with Next Business Telecom.

The first is to check that the plan you are on is the most appropriate for your needs – you can check the best plans to suit you below. If you regularly call 13/1300 numbers please make sure you note and provision for the cost as these are not included in any plans.
You can access your account information over the phone, the staff you speak to you can provide information regarding unbilled charges and other information regarding your usage.
Make sure you understand all the charges on your invoice, if there are charges you do not understand, make sure you contact us to request further information. Some recurring charges can be avoided by removing certain features from your phone service.
Get everyone on board, it is important to discuss responsible phone and internet usage with your family, housemates and colleagues/staff who have access to use the services provided by Next Business Telecom. Pay particular attention to Premium Voice Services as regular usage of these can rack up large, unexpected bills in a short space of time.
If you would like to manage your spending on your Next Business Telecom service/s, you can request that your account is restricted for particular types of calls types or premium services. Call control is another option to which you can prevent the calling of specific phone numbers from your landline. You can contact our customer service team to have these services activated, please note that charges for these services may apply.
Making your payments to Next Business Telecom via direct debit and receiving your bills via email are two easy ways to reduce the recurring charges on your bills. It will also help in preventing you from being charged $20 late payment fees.
If you are not able to pay your bill on time, make sure you contact us. In most cases we can provide additional time to pay and flexible terms for payment, in a majority of cases you will be asked to provide a date for committing to the payment of the account. We welcome you to contact us at any time during the billing cycle to request an extension to your due date.

What if I am experiencing difficulty paying my account?

Please feel free to call our friendly customer service staff who will be happy to assist in setting up a payment plan. Please ensure you mention to the agent if you believe you are experiencing financial hardship.

What is financial hardship?

Next Business Telecom understands that that there are occasions where a customer is unable, reasonably, because of illness, unemployment or other reasonable cause, to manage their financial obligations under their contract. Next Business Telecom understands that financial hardship can be of limited or long term duration.

In times of genuine hardship, we understand that customers and/or their financial counsellors (or other representative) deserve easy access to staff trained to manage situations of hardship.

We expect our credit staff to be able to act with compassion and sympathy whilst balancing the business requirements. We will accept all reasonable payment arrangements when given the opportunity to assess each customer’s individual circumstance.

Our staff will endeavour to assess the requirements of each customer’s situation and ensure that the customer is on an appropriate plan for their usage. We will also discuss with you opportunity to make reductions on ongoing bills.

Financial Counselling Services

Next Business Telecom, encourages the use of the many fantastic financial counselling services available to provide assistance. Next Business Telecom is no way affiliated with any of the below.


Consumer Action Law Centre: 03 9629 6300
Legal advice for the public: 03 9629 6300 / 1300 881 020,
Legal advice for consumer caseworkers: 03 9602 3326

MoneyHelp: 1800 149 689
Not-for-profit Victorian Government service providing free, confidential financial counselling for Victorians experiencing job loss or reduced working hours.


Credit and Debt Hotline: 1800 808 488

Financial Counsellors’ Association of New South Wales:1300 914 408


Care Financial Counselling Service: 02 6257 1788

Salvation Army Moneycare: 02-6247 3635

Lifeline gambling and financial counselling: 02 6247 0655


Uniting Care Wesley Adelaide 08 8202 5180
referral to a financial counsellor

Northern Community Legal Service: 08 8281 6911

South Australian Financial Counsellors Association:

Relationships Australia (SA)


Financial Counselling Hotline: 1800 007 007

Consumer Credit Legal Service: 08 9221 7066

Financial Counsellors Association of Western Australia: 08 9325 1617



Anglicare Financial Counselling Service: 1800 243 232

Consumer Credit Advocate, Hobart Community Legal Service: 1800 232 500

Relationships Australia Tasmania: 1300 364 277
Assistance for people affected by gambling


Financial Counsellors Association of Queensland: 07 3321 3192
referral to a financial counsellor

Financial First Aid: 1300 370 255
phone financial counselling service


Financial Counselling Hotline: 1800 007 007

Somerville Community Services
Darwin 08 8920 4100
Katherine 08 8972 5100
Palmerston Financial Counselling Centre 08 89316200

Anglicare NT Financial Counselling
Darwin Financial Counselling Service Tel: 08 8985 0000
Katherine Financial Counselling Service Tel: 08 8972 1571
East Arnhem Financial Counselling Service Tel: 08 8987 3022
Top End Financial Counselling Service Tel: 08 8985 0000
Alice Springs Financial Counselling Service Tel: 08 8951 8000

Tangentyere Council Financial Counselling Service
Telephone 08 8951 4257

Alternatively visit for more information.

Will Next Business Telecom maintain my privacy during an assessment for financial hardship?

Next Business Telecom is dedicated to maintaining your privacy during all interactions. When you are requesting hardship consideration you may be required to provide some sensitive information, this may include:

-Employment details

-Income details (including and government assistance)

-Provision of proof of debt (for example bills from other providers)

All information collected in relation to your circumstance will be kept confidential and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

What if I have a complaint, feedback or compliment?

Next Business Telecom is committed to making it as easy for our customers to provide us with feedback. In the first instance the easiest way to provide your feedback is over the phone. Our customer service staff are trained to manage as many issues as possible, however if you are not satisfied with the response you have received you can ask to have your feedback escalated. In this case we will often take your details for a supervisor/manager to contact you back to discuss. Please ask for a reference number in these cases.

For more information on Next Business Telecom’s Complaint Handling Policy please refer to this.

What is the No Risk Offer?

Our No Risk offer is part of our commitment to offering the most competitive deals in the market.

If within the first 30 days you find a published phone plan that is cheaper and we will attempt to match or better that deal or you are free to transfer without Early Termination Fees – as long as you call us and provide is with the opportunity to match or better the offer.

Terms and Conditions

Applies to Voice plans only (standard telephony)
A link to the published rate must be accessible by our team
The offer must be comparable to Next Business Telecom’s product and its comparability is wholly assessed by us
Offer must detail line rental inclusive, and rates for all call types accessible through our service
Valid only for 30 days from end of cooling off period
Applies to Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) Standard services only.
Early Termination Fees will apply if you choose to cancel despite NBT’s ability to match or better price
All usage is payable in full prior to removal of early termination fees
Does not apply to VOIP, Phone Card, and Pre-paid services

How do I cancel my account with Next Business Telecom?

Next Business Telecom prides itself on being the most competitive provider in the market, so if you do come across a better deal we will always try and keep you as one of our valuable customers. However, if you still wish to cancel your service with Next Business Telecom please give us a call and we can assist you in processing the request. We may ask you to agree to some terms and conditions of cancelling and in some cases your cancellation request will be referred to account specialists.

Please note that if you are in contract with Next Business Telecom you will receive an Early Termination Fee as part of your final bill. This fee is payable by the due date indicated on your final bill.

Have you got a complaint or concern? We want to fix it for you!

Our complaints process is designed to encourage the fast and efficient resolution of your issue at the first point of contact. Whilst our endeavour is to provide you with the best service, we recognise that you may wish to express dissatisfaction with our products, services, staff or procedures.

During the course of your complaint, we will aim to tailor any proposed resolutions to provide a fair and reasonable outcome to all parties involved. Once accepted, we will aim to deliver our mutually agreed resolution to you within 10 business days, or 2 business days where the complaint is urgent.

Please follow the steps below to raise and escalate your complaint. In the event that you require assistance with making a complaint, our staff at each stage of the process will be more than happy to assist.

NOTE: If you would like to nominate an authorised representative/advocate to make a complaint on your behalf, please authorise them during your first contact with us.

Step 1: First contact

Please contact Next Business Telecom via telephone 1300 788 029. At first contact, you will initially be addressed by a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

A CSR is empowered to resolve complex issues and first level complaints and make fair and reasonable customer service decisions.

You will receive acknowledgement of your complaint – including a reference number – within 2 business days if you make your complaint in writing or via email. For complaints lodged via the telephone, acknowledgement and your reference number can be provided immediately.

Step 2: Escalation to a Level 2 Customer Service Representative

If a CSR is not able resolve a complaint it can be escalated to a Level 2 Customer Service Representative. These staff are empowered to provide to analyse complex issues and provide resolutions by applying advanced skills and knowledge to assist in resolving your matter. These staff also have the ability to case manage your concern until resolution and provide immediate advice to prevent ongoing issues.

Step 3: Escalation to a Team Leader

If you have spoken with a CSR and a Level 2 customer service Representative you and your matter is still not resolved you can ask to speak to a Team Leader. The Team Leader will take ownership of your matter and follow through to resolution.

In the case that a supervisor is not available to speak with you immediately you may be asked to leave your best contact details and a supervisor will contact you within 24hrs.

If your concern is urgent please ensure you advise the CSR of your matters urgency.

Step 4: Further options

If you remain unsatisfied with the resolutions you have been provided the Team Leader or Level 2 Customer Service Representative may recommend access to other options including Senior Management or as a last resort the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) for independent advice. The TIO is an office of last resort and deals with complaints that consumers have not been able to resolve with their service provider after exhausting all possible avenues directly with the company.

Next Business Telecom kindly requests that if you do have a complaint, you allow us the opportunity to exhaust all possible internal resources before going to the TIO, as in our experience complaints dealt with internally are resolved much

quicker than complaints mediated via the TIO.

The TIO can be contacted via the following means:

Telephone: 1800 062 058 or 03 8600 8700
Fax: 1800 630 614 or 03 8600 8797
Alternatively you can contact the Office of Fair Trading in your state or territory.

NBN Bundles

NBN Bundles

Base (12/1 mbps Speeds)
NBT Base NBN Bundle – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Base NBN Bundle – Month to Month.pdf

Boost (25/5 mbps Speeds)
NBT Boost NBN Bundle – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Boost NBN Bundle – Month to Month.pdf

Speedy (50/20 mbps Speeds)
NBT Speedy NBN Bundle – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Speedy NBN Bundle – Month to Month.pdf

Swift (100/40 mbps Speeds)
NBT Swift NBN Bundle – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Swift NBN Bundle – Month to Month.pdf

NBN Bundles plus Mobile

Base (12/1 mbps Speeds)
NBT Base NBN Bundle plus Mobile – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Base NBN Bundle plus Mobile – Month to Month.pdf

Boost (25/5 mbps Speeds)
NBT Boost NBN Bundle plus Mobile – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Boost NBN Bundle plus Mobile – Month to Month.pdf

Speedy (50/20 mbps Speeds)
NBT Speedy NBN Bundle plus Mobile – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Speedy NBN Bundle plus Mobile – Month to Month.pdf

Swift (100/40 mbps Speeds)
NBT Swift NBN Bundle plus Mobile – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Swift NBN Bundle plus Mobile – Month to Month.pdf

NBN Bundles with BYO Modem

Base (12/1 mbps Speeds)
NBT Base NBN BYO Bundle – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Base NBN BYO Bundle – Month to Month.pdf

Boost (25/5 mbps Speeds)
NBT Boost NBN BYO Bundle – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Boost NBN BYO Bundle – Month to Month.pdf

Speedy (50/20 mbps Speeds)
NBT Speedy NBN BYO Bundle – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Speedy NBN BYO Bundle – Month to Month.pdf

Swift (100/40 mbps Speeds)
NBT Swift NBN BYO Bundle – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Swift NBN BYO Bundle – Month to Month.pdf

NBN Bundles plus Mobile with BYO Modem

Base (12/1 mbps Speeds)
NBT Base NBN BYO Bundle plus Mobile – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Base NBN BYO Bundle plus Mobile – Month to Month.pdf

Boost (25/5 mbps Speeds)
NBT Boost NBN BYO Bundle plus Mobile – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Boost NBN BYO Bundle plus Mobile – Month to Month.pdf

Speedy (50/20 mbps Speeds)
NBT Speedy NBN BYO Bundle plus Mobile – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Speedy NBN BYO Bundle plus Mobile – Month to Month.pdf

Swift (100/40 mbps Speeds)
NBT Swift NBN BYO Bundle plus Mobile – 12 Month.pdf
NBT Swift NBN BYO Bundle plus Mobile – Month to Month.pdf

Are there any consumer protections that apply specifically to telecommunications services?

Yes, The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code provides protections to consumers of telecommunications services (a consumer is defined as an individual that acquires a telecommunication product for the purpose of personal or domestic use; or an organisation that does not have a realistic opportunity to negotiate the terms of supply and its annual spend on the telecommunications products with the supplier is less than $20,000 per year). A copy of the TCP Code can be found on the website of the Australian Communications and Media Authority at:

Other protections provided to consumers include Consumer Protection Laws that cover the warranty of products supplied by Next Business Telecom.  Please review our Warranty Policy for further information.

What is the NBN?

The NBN is a new communications network to replace the existing system and give Australian homes super-fast internet and phone access. It’s run by the government-owned NBN Co but our NBN experts will be with you every step of the way to help manage the transition.

What it means for you

Entertainment experiences will be richer, video calling easier and connecting to a variety of devices much smoother.

In the future, the NBN will also be used to deliver education services, health monitoring and smart metering.

Appointment of Advocate or Authorised Representative Form
Change of Ownership Form
Complaint Handling Form
Direct Debit Form
Direct Debit Service Agreement Form
Fair Use Policy
Financial Hardship Policy Form
International Calling Rates
Legal Warranty Information
Relocation Form
Standard Form of Agreement
NBT Schedule of Fees & Charges
NBT Privacy Policy
NBT Privacy Collection Statement
Telecoms Hacking Policy
How long will it take to activate my nbn service?

We will provide you with a turnaround estimate when you order your service. The turnaround for connecting your service is based on the nbn technology available at your address and the current progress of the rollout to your home. The table below outlines the different available technologies and how long it will take to get you connected.


NBN Technology Service Class Description Days to Provision
Fibre 0 The site is planned to be serviced by fibre. N/A
Fibre 1 The site is serviceable by fibre, with no PCD or NTD in place. Up to 20 business days
Fibre 2 The site is serviceable by fibre, PCD is installed, no NTD in place. Up to 10 business days
Fibre 3 The site is serviceable by fibre, PCD and NTD are installed. 1-3 business days
Fixed Wireless 4 The location is planned to be serviceable by fixed wireless N/A
Fixed Wireless 5 The location is serviceable by fixed wireless, no antenna and NTD in place Up to 10 business days
Fixed Wireless 6 The location is serviceable by fixed wireless, antenna and NTD in place 1-3 business days
Satellite 7 The location is planned to be serviceable by satellite N/A
Satellite 8 The location is serviceable by satellite but no satellite dish / NTD yet in place N/A
Satellite 9 The location is serviced by satellite (dish and NTD in place) N/A
Copper 10 The location is planned to be serviceable by copper N/A
Copper 11 The location is serviceable by copper, copper lead-in required Up to 20 business days
Copper 12 The location is serviceable by copper, jumpering is required Up to 10 business days
Copper 13 The location is serviceable by copper, infrastructure in place 1-3 business days
HFC 20 The location is serviceable by cable (HFC) N/A
HFC 21 The location is within the HFC footprint, no drop, wall plate or NTD Up to 15 business days
HFC 22 The location is within the HFC footprint, drop in place, no wall plate or NTD Up to 10 business days
HFC 23 The location is within the HFC footprint, drop and wall plate in place, no NTD Up to 10 business days
HFC 24 The location is within the HFC footprint, drop, wall plate and NTD in place 1-3 business days

When adding a further NBN Phone (VoIP) service, a new number can be activated in 1-2 business days. When transferring an existing number to NBN, it can take up to 10 business days.

How do I get a fault fixed on my telephone line?

By calling our customer care team on 1300 788 029. Alternatively, you can submit your query online and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Does Next Business Telecom own or maintain the phone/internet lines?

Next Business Telecom is a reseller of products sourced from various upstream providers. Our principal carrier is Telstra Wholesale (Telstra Corporation Limited (ACN 051 775 556, ABN 33 051 775 556) 2000)

Who services the phone line if there is a fault?

Your line is owned by Telstra Wholesale, as such any technicians attending are contractors working on behalf of Telstra.

Help, I have no dial tone!

Things to Check

Check that your phone issue isn’t being caused by the following before proceeding with the troubleshooting:

Potential cause Try this:
Outage or phone line maintenance in your area. Check this by contacting us on 1300 788 029
Line noise/interference If you hear any buzzing, crackling, screeching or other line noise when you pick up your phone handset, you should trouble shoot that first.
Central splitter required If you have more than three telephony devices or a Back to Base Alarm system, you may need to contact an Austel Approved installer to install a central splitter.

Unplug all devices from every phone socket, including your modem, telephones, fax machines, pay TV boxes and EFTPOS terminals.
If you have a different phone service (e.g. mobile) available, try calling your own home phone while nothing is plugged in. If it rings normally, skip to step 3. If you hear an engaged tone or a recorded voice saying the number is not available, please call us on 1300 788 029 for further assistance.
Plug a standard phone handset (without a filter) into the phone socket, and then attempt to make a call. If you were able to make a call, skip to step 6.
If you have more than one phone socket in your home, plug your phone handset (without a filter) into each of those sockets and attempt to make a call. If your calls drop when your phone is plugged into one socket but not another, there may be a problem with your home’s internal wiring.
Using a different phone handset, repeat steps 2 and 3. If a different phone handset gives you a dial tone but the original phone handset doesn’t, then the original handset may be faulty.
If you can’t make a call on either handset, please call our Support Team on 1300 788 029 for further assistance.
If you can now make a call, plug your phone handset into the phone socket with a filter and attempt to make a call. If you can’t, that filter may be faulty.
Plug your other devices back in (one at a time) and attempt to make a call after each new device is plugged in. Always start with any devices that require a filter.
If you suddenly can’t make a call again, then the device you’ve just plugged in may be faulty or interfering with your phone service, or it may be plugged in with a faulty filter.
We recommend replacing a filter or device if it is faulty, or adding a filter to a telephony device if it didn’t already have one.
Once you call our Technical Support team you may be asked to perform one or more of these troubleshooting steps again to ensure we can rule out any hardware/device faults.

Why must I do troubleshooting before you will send a technician to my property?

The reason our Technical Support Staff will go through various troubleshooting steps is to determine whether the issue you are reporting is something that can be resolved easily over the phone or if a technician will need to be sent. We need to ensure we have done all necessary troubleshooting before lodging a fault with our provider; this is because if a technician attends and determines that the issue is caused by your equipment, software, hardware or set up you will be charged an incorrect call out fee.

What is an incorrect call out fee?

The incorrect call out fee is a charge passed on from our provider when a technician has attended and the issue or fault is not on part of their responsibility to fix. It can range from $70 – $300. Our Technical Support team will do everything they can to troubleshoot your issue and determine that the fault is not in your equipment or set up, however if a fault is lodged you will be asked to agree to the possibility of being charged an incorrect call out fee. If you do not agree to this fee a technician cannot be sent to your property.

Why must you speak with the account holder to lodge a fault?

The reason we must speak to an account holder before lodging a fault is because we need to get authority to apply the incorrect call out fee if the fault is not the responsibility of our provider.

What is the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) Standard?

Next Business Telecom is committed to complying with the CSG Standard which is monitored by Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

This means for eligible services we promise to meet certain minimum performance standards and we will provide financial compensation when these standards are not met.

The CSG Standard covers the supply of standard fixed line telephone services. The CSG Standard sets out timeframes for the connection of a standard telephone service and the repair of faults. It also covers missed technician appointments.

Only voice telephone faults are covered, this means that non-voice faults such as internet or fax faults are not covered by the CSG Standard.

Further to this there are 5 enhanced call-handling features that are also covered by the CSG Standard. This includes:

-call waiting

-call forwarding

-call barring (not including blocking that has been programmed on the entire network)

-calling number display

-calling number display blocking

Please note the CSG Standard does not apply to customer equipment or to customers who have more than 5 telephone services.

There are circumstances where Next Business Telecom is exempt from complying with the CSG Standard. These situations include:

-Where non-compliance or delays are due to circumstances outside our control – for example mass disruptions.

-Where you have agreed to waive CSG rights and protections

-Where an enhanced call handling feature is not available (for example, due to existing network limitation)

-Where it is necessary to withdraw the service in order to maintain or upgrade a facility or network and Next Business Telecom has given reasonable notice.

-If you fail to keep an appointment with Next Business Telecom without at least 24 hours notice

-Where you have not co-operated or have denied access to your premises to undergo repairs or connection.

Please see for more information in relation to the CSG Standard.

What are the specifications of the modem provided by Next Business Telecom?

Technical Specifications


Operating temperature: 0-40oC, Humidity: 10%-95% non-condensing
Storage temperature: -20-70oC, Humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing
Power: DC Input Voltage 12V/1.5A
Dimensions: 181mm (L) x 135mm(W) x 26mm(H)
Weight: 245g

4 x 10/100Mbps LAN ports
1 x RJ11 DSL interface
1 x USB 2.0 port – for external Hard Disk Drive Storage
1 x WPS button
2 x 2 external WiFi antennas
1 x Reset button
LED – Power / Internet / LAN1~4/ WLAN/USB
Power Jack

G.992.1 (T1.413)
G.992.2 (G.dmt), G.lite
G.992.3 (G.bis/ADS L2)
G.992.5 (ADSL2+)
Annex L (reach extended ADSL2)

PPP over ATM (RFC 2364)
Bridged IP over ATM (RFC 1483)
PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516)
Multiprotocol Encapsulation over AAL5 (RFC 2684)
ATM Forum UNI 3.1 / 4.0 PVC

PPP over PAP (RFC1334)
PPP over CHAP (RFC1994)
Transparent bridging as specified in IEEE 802.1D
NAT (Network Address Translation)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Dynamic DNS support
Routing Information Protocol (RIP) v1 and v2

Supports IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0), IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b
Data Rates: Up to 300Mbps for 802.11n, up to 54Mbps for 802.11g and up to 11Mbps for 802.11b
Antenna Configuration: 2 fixed external antennas (2T2R)
Operating Channels: 13 channels
Support 802.1x, WPA/WPA-PSK, WPA2/WPA2-PSK, Mixed WPA/WPA2, and Mixed
Supports multiple SSIDs
Supports wireless QoS (WMM)
Supports wireless protected setup (WPS) with PIN and PBC method

Supports TR-069
TFTP client and server
DHCP client and server
FTP server and client
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support
Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) enabling end-user device configuration via HTTP
Configuration file backup and restore
Built-in Diagnostic Tools

Specifications are subject to change without notice

How do I set up my modem?

How to Setup Your Modem.

Your modem’s username and password were preconfigured for you before being sent to you.

By default your computer is set to obtain an address automatically from the modem we supply to you. Therefore to connect to the internet normally all you need to do is connect your computer to your modem exactly as in the diagram below and you should then have an internet connection.

To install the modem:

1) Connect the modem, splitter (filter) and computer step by step following Diagram 1 as an example.

2) Power on the modem and wait a few seconds for the WLAN light to be flashing.

3) Open on the computer a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) then open an internet page.

Diagram 1. Modem Connections using our supplied TP-Link modem as an example.


Diagram 2. Diagram of our supplied Netcomm NB604N modem.


How to Troubleshoot No Internet Connection.

1) Check if the DSL light of the modem is turned on and solid (not flashing) DSLlight :


1) Check that you can connect to the modem’s setup page at If you cannot refer to Diagram 1 above and check the computer’s connection to the modem. If possible connect to the modem by cable. Use WiFi only if a cable connection is not possible.

If you cannot access the modem try a different web browser (for example if Firefox can be used instead of Chrome or Internet Explorer).

2) Check the username and password of the modem are the same as recorded in the modem documentation we have sent to you.

Using our supplied Netcomm NB604N modem as an example below is the procedure to set the username and password of a modem:


2) Check if the DSL light of the modem is turned on:


1) Refer to Diagram 1 above.

– Check the Phone Cable and Splitter have been connected correctly.

– For the Splitter always check that the Phone is connected to the Phone Port and the Modem is connected to the ADSL (Modem) port.

2) If the DSL light is still off to test if a device you have is causing interference to the modem unplug all telephone, faxes and other similar devices and plug only the modem directly into your wall socket without using a filter.

3) If your modem is then online you know one of the devices you have just disconnected were causing your issue and you can determine by a process of elimination which was causing the modem to fail.

4) If your modem is still not giving you an internet connection please phone our Technical Support on 1300 788 029.

What are our incoming and outgoing mail servers?